About Us

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read our story to learn why we are the best to choose to reach your goals fast.

Our philosophy

We firmly believe that good nutrition is the key to long-term health and a higher quality of life.

By eating right, we can not only prevent and sometimes cure disease but simply be content with ourselves and be content with our lives in the here and now.

Even if many people like to eat, but avoid cooking and the preparation itself – we love it and do it every day.

We’d like to show you how cooking can be fun with a focus on healthy eating, and how you can therefore prepare simple, healthy meals at home in just a few minutes. We don’t forget the challenges of staying healthy at a workplace or engaging our families. 

Our Story

The whole idea started with Nutriception

Krisztián, a certified oecotropologist, founded his practice in 2008, initially with a purely therapeutic purpose, under the name “Nutriception”, and since then he has helped many people to find the right path for them in the long term, for example how to eat healthily, how to lose weight, or how to recover from one diet-related disease, for example, or how to live as symptom-free as possible with the right diet for another disease.

His therapeutic approach has been a success story for more than a decade – including many satisfied patients, clients and doctors in various specialties who are always happy to refer patients to him with confidence.

Providing meaningful and personalised advice to people seeking help is always a wonderful challenge for a passionate therapist.

However, there are much more far-reaching possibilities to provide people with special needs with even more effective and even differentiated support, namely:

Active and real, physically tangible, and not just theoretical, verbal help. 

This is coaching when we hold your hand. 

This is why we developed a highly client-focused portfolio and correspondingly specialised offers.

Today, the NUTRICEPTION team is completed by Monika and her special practical services that accompany you along your journey.

We love and live healthy food! Live this life yourself – we will help you!


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