Monika Czeko Health Coach

Monika Czeko

I am the woman who has always loved eating, cooking and engaging in conversations with people. I love helping and motivating others. 

Beginning of my carreer I have already realised I can motivate people and encurage them to see themselves from a different prospective. I was able to let them see the big picture and yet pay attention to details.

I studied Human Resources Management and graduated with a Bachelor of Sciences. I participated in coach and trainer trainings  while I was working for a multinational company where I learnt a lot.

In addition, I hold the Advanced Diploma in Diet and Nutrition from CPD London, GB and I hold a Cerification of Event Management from ELC London, GB.

I am passionate about cooking and love planning, but I believe that flexibility and sustainability are just as important in the service of perfection when working with people.

Passing on many years of practical knowledge and experience to my clients for clean and simple, always solid kitchen skills and for sustainable economics when setting goals for clients is my primary objective in my work.

I spent over a decade in Australia and another year in England working in hospitality, in catering as well as in the area of ​​event marketing & management.

Monika has a high interest in a healthy and active way of life and, as part of this, above all a focus on wholesome nutrition and high quality food.